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Our hotel, Chez Sophie, is located in Kamari, which is the newest
village on the island of Santorini. Kamari is adjacent to one of the
most famous beaches on the island, Black Beach.

“Let’s go to Sophia’s,” is what friends and acquaintances used to say
because our grandmother, Sophia, was a generous hostess to all her

In the same way, we, her children and grandchildren, welcome you to Chez

Our hotel, built in 2008, includes 12 fully – equipped rooms with either
a sea view or a Mesa Vouno mountain view.

You can relax and cool down by the swimming pool, while enjoying your
drink or cup of coffee.

Upon request, we can provide transfer to and from the Santorini
International Airport or the port. There is also a public parking area
at a short distance from the hotel.

Come and we will help you discover the secrets of Santorini, its
history, its geology and its folklore.

We are waiting for you!